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The prompt at One Single Impression is Copse. I was inspired to join in, after a long hiatus due to lots of traveling and packing, after reading Sandy Carlson’s  poem in my gmail inbox.   In May we responded to an advert on the internet to rent a 17th Century Farmhouse on an  organic smallholding in France, for a year while the owners go on safari.  The owners selected us and we’ve been to see the farm. After living for 13 years in one of the poorest provinces,  of one of the poorest countries in the world, it seems completely surreal to be heading off for France in 10 days time.

It was good to come up with this haiku for copse. It kind of makes it feel more real.


Will use a copse

to chop wood, to burn, for warmth

on the farm in France.

Wood for burning at Le Coty, France. Photo by Richard Dove

Wood for burning at Le Coty, France. Photo by Richard Dove



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Quotable Quotes

… our notion of freedom has become tied up with the idea of the expansion of choice, … freedom is having more choices to do more things, not necessary the ability or lack of restraint to do the right thing, or to do good things, which is what freedom meant classically. Ken Myers talking at the 2007 CIRCE INSTITUTE Conference on the topic of Communication Technologies as Engines of Restlessness.

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Living to tell the story is hosting the 48th Friday’s Fave Five. Here’s mine:

  1. We have returned home after two months away and are packing up as we prepare to move to France at the end of August. So I was greatly relieved when the dearth of boxes came to an end on Monday with the arrival of second hand boxes of various sizes, by foot and car from various sources. Thanks to Isabella, Orlando and Richard.
  2. Joanna and Benjamin were desperate to return home after their long sojourn in U.K. and South Africa (plus a camping trip to Swaziland with Yayee, Papa, Aunty and Uncle, Joshua and David where Benjamin caught six fish, his first ever). Benjamin couldn’t wait to reunite with his best friend Michael, but Joanna’s best friend left back to the States,  just as we left on our travels. Then walking down the Marginal on Sunday we bumped into Caroline, a Zimbabwean I lost contact with, when her cell phone was stolen and she moved house. So I was able to invite Milagro her daughter to come for a playdate, and she has come every afternoon this week, and is coming for a sleep over tonight. Four happy children completely absorbed in their respective imaginary worlds, definitely a big motherhood reward.
  3. I heard from Akiko who has been trying to fall pregnant with her second child for a number of years and she’s pregnant! I can’t help wondering if it had anything to do with that raspberry leaf tea, which would make her the second friend to possibly benefit from that small piece of advice.   I suppose I’ll never really know.
  4. I’m leaving Quelimane, I’m leaving Quelimane and going to live on a small holding in France in a 17th Century farmhouse for a year.  After living in one of the poorest regions in the world for 12 years, we’re off to live within the vicinity of Paris!!!!   As awareness of this slowly sinks in I can’t help but feel like a 9 year old  just before Christmas.  Thank you oh my Father …
  5. As Richard and I face a completely new unfamiliar future, it’s great how we feel like we’re in this together.  As we search on the internet for a cheap, second hand, Left Hand Drive car or talk through the need  to grow loads of  cherry tomatoes,  as Joanna munches her way through yet another tomato.  The Proverb, ” two is better than one”  has been very apparent this week.



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