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Love and Pain

“I think that love and pain always do go together. You can understand this in many ways, one would be that we are finite creatures, mortal creatures but long for the infinite, long for the eternal and this side of the grave at least loss and limitation is part and parcel of life so that which we yearn for, that which we are passionate about – love- I think always to a degree alludes us, we are not gods, and this can be quite a difficult lesson to learn.  This is the more negative side, but there is also a positive side.  That giving up on our self-sufficiency and autonomy and expanding into life, is a difficult process because it’s about taking risks, you have to learn to trust others, you have to learn to trust life itself and that is not always straight forward.  But nevertheless as long as it goes well enough, it does lead to a growth in life and a greater awareness of the way things are.  This is part of the key Christian message that through suffering comes an awareness of life which is greater then anything you could have imagined before, the movement from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. There is often this paradox in suffering, that often it is in suffering that we know our greatest connection, because life gets more intense, it gets kind of rarefied and we become very aware of that which is most important.”  Mark Vernon on Premier Christian Radio.  


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